Friday, 4 March 2016

Meet The Team : Kathe Oldham

Meet The Team : Kathe Oldham, Escential Consultant


I was introduced to the world of “Scentsy” by my best friend {and now Upline!} Jen, back in March 2015, when Scentsy was launched into New Zealand.
I quickly became Jen’s best customer, as I now own nine Warmers AND the “Aspire” Diffuser, + I have 30+ Scentsy Bars in my collection!
After attending "Scentsy World Tour" in Auckland, in February 2016 with Jen, I felt so inspired that I {finally!!!} decided to sign up and become a Scentsy Consultant!
I am really looking forward to my Scentsy journey with Jen and the “Sunny Super Stars” Team, bringing gorgeous home fragrance to the Top of the South Island, New Zealand.

I am a stay at home Mom, and love that I can work Scentsy around my home life, which includes two teenagers, Reilly aged 14, and JorjaRose aged 13.
My other passions {other than Scentsy!} are writing and crafting, and I love to share both passions via my blog

Of my NINE Warmers, my favourites have got to be {in no particular order – okay A-Z} “Chasing Fireflies” {in my Craft Cave}, “Cracklin’ Rose” {in my Bedroom}, “Isabella” {in my Dining Room}, “Lace” {in my Bathroom – yes really!}, “Love” {in my Hallway}, “Vintage Teapot” {in my Kitchen}, and “Whoot” {in my daughters Bedroom}.  + I have given 2 away as gifts, the “Vintage Teapot” for my Mom-In-law for Mother’s Day, and “Green Marble” as a wedding gift for my cousin and his beautiful wife at their wedding in Napier, in January 2016.

My favourite Scentsy Bars {no, I won’t name all 30!!!} are “Black Raspberry and Vanilla”, “Coconut Lemongrass”, “Honeymoon Hideaway” and “Vanilla Bean Buttercream”.

I love my “Aspire” Diffuser, and love to awaken up my senses with “Lavender Tonka Bean”, “Vanilla Nutmeg Cardamom” and “Rose Chamomile Lavender” essential oils, and love to make my own blends up too!

One of my favourite Scentsy products are the “Washer Whiffs”, which are a pure indulgence for my Clothes, Sheets and Towels, as they now have the loveliest of fragrance embedded into their fibre.   I use “Black Raspberry and Vanilla” for our Clothing, “Luna” for our Sheets, and “Quiver” for our Towels.   The kids are even helping out with the laundry, as they love the aromas so much!

Welcome to my Scentsy World, I hope you enjoy the ride as much as I have!

Please visit Kathe’s Scentsy website

Meet The Team : Brydee Sutton

Meet The Team : Brydee Sutton, Escential Consultant

My Scentsy journey began when I attended a Scentsy party and I loved the Scentsy products so much that I decided to become a Consultant to share my excitement with all my friends and family. 

My absolute favourite Scent of all time is “Black Raspberry Vanilla”.
This Scent is described as “delicious sun-sweetened dark berries warmed with vanilla”.

My favourite Scentsy products are “Washer Whiffs”.
They are incredible for freshening up my clothes, after a hard day in the cafe kitchen.

Scentsy even works with my cupcake addiction; I'm the proud owner of a gorgeous “Cupcake” Warmer.
Scentsy really does have everything to suit every decor.

I have just attended the “Scentsy World Tour” in Auckland, which was absolutely amazing and so inspirational.
I'm aiming with the others in our Team to attend Brisbane Family Reunion. 
I can’t wait to see where my Scentsy journey takes me next.

Please visit Brydee’s Scentsy website 

Meet The Team : Jen Hassloch

Meet The Team : Jen Hassloch, Lead Consultant

I first fell in love with Scentsy while I was living in the United States.
I've always been one of those people who love to have my home smelling fresh and clean, and it's a sure-thing that after cooking a curry or garlic-laden feast for my family that I want to air out the house and fill my home with a fresh light fragrance.
When I had my first daughter I became concerned about the safety of burning candles in my home, not just because of the fire dangers but also because of the chemicals that are present in some candles. It was while looking for a safer alternative to candles and sprays that I came across Scentsy.
My original Scentsy burner used a bulb to heat the wax in the dish which was problematic with temperature control. Six years later, I have been delighted to discover that the bulb heating mechanism has been replaced with an energy efficient LED light source and a heating element which offers much better, cost effective, thermostat control.
I love the fact that even if my child knocks the entire container of wax over onto herself that she can't be burned and the absolutely divine fragrances that fill my home.
Also, cost-wise, to me it's a no-brainer.  One of my favourite jar-type candles retails here in New Zealand for $40 (medium sized jar). For that cost you have approximately 55-75 hours of fragrance and then you recycle the jar. So your cost with the best scenario of 75 hours is 54 cents per hour of fragrance. With a Scentsy burner you have an initial cost outlay similar to that of the jar candle and then a $10 bar that will last around 60-80 hours. So your first bar will cost about 70 cents per hour of fragrance but after that you're looking at just 12 cents per hour!
I'm just so excited to be involved in Scentsy New Zealand and I can't wait to share this amazing product with you!
Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or you would like to get up-close-and personal with our delicious Scents.

Please visit Jen’s Scentsy website 

Sunday, 28 February 2016

Got Dryer Discs And No Dryer?

Idea of the day ...

Got Dryer Discs and no Dryer?

Punch a hole in the Dryer Disc, thread the Dryer Disc on a ribbon, and hang it in your closet, linen cupboard or even your car for long lasting beautiful Scentsy fragrance!

Dryer Discs area available in “Black Raspberry and Vanilla”, “Coconut Lemongrass”, “French Lavender”,  “Honeymoon Hideaway”, “Jet Set Go”, “Luna”, “Ocean”, “Quiver”, “Scentsy Clean, “Sunkissed Citrus”, “White Tea & Cactus”, and “Zen Garden”. 

Come back and visit us again soon!

Have a Scent-sational day!

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Meet the “Sunny Super Stars” Scentsy Team

Meet the “Sunny Super Stars” Scentsy Team, bringing gorgeous home fragrance to the Top of the South Island, New Zealand.
Scentsy is wickless, flameless and completely safe to use.
Fragranced Wax Bars are melted in a Warmer to just above body temperature, which ensures that if spilt on little ones, pets, husbands, it does not burn the skin.
The fragrance is gradually released, and leaves your home smelling beautiful.
We are super excited about the upcoming new catalogue, which is available from March 1st.
We have a  had a sneaky peek and love love love the new range of scents.
With over 80 different scents to choose from, there is something for everyone.
Come back and visit us again soon!

Have a Scent-sational day!